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How it Works

Letter Before Action

The first port of call in the legal recovery process is usually to send your debtor a letter before you take action - this is enough to persuade most people into paying pretty quickly. We do this for free for our clients, you collect every penny you’re owed as we do not take a percentage and there is no fee to register.

Late Payment Demand

We also have the option of a Late Payment Demand where, subject to simple eligibility questions, you can add compensation and late payment interest to your debt. The amount varies depending on your debt level.

Make A Counterclaim

Sending a letter does not commit you to any further action, but in the event of choosing to pursue debtors who ignore our letters, you can use our network of experts to help you through your claim.

Judgement & Enforcement

Escalated options exist for people who refuse to pay when a court rules against them. Again, there is no commitment and you remain in complete control of any further action.


  • “After the courts system had failed to recover our money, we contacted Ramava. They were very helpful, gave us great advice and worked on our behalf. Within days we had our money recovered from a very difficult debtor.”

  • “We worked with Ramava after a debtor continually ignored our letters. They helped us to make a counterclaim and 48 hours later we received the money we were owed from a hard-to-reach debtor."

  • “A former client owed us a substantial amount of money, and continually decided to ignore our communications. Working with Ramava was quick, easy and straight forward - we had our money in no time at all allowing us to move forward.”